Counselling Psychologists

Gillian Barlow

MA Counselling Psych Wits (Cum Laude)
I am a counselling psychologist working therapeutically with both adolescents and adults. I offer a wide range of psychological services which include: Depression,
Anxiety, Post-natal Depression, Stress Management,Anger Management, Poor Self-Esteem, Bereavement, Couples Counselling, Parental Guidance (general parenting skills, discipline, support for parents, boundary setting, routine/structuring home environments, supportive parenting), Divorce and Co-Parenting, Trauma Counselling, Career Guidance, Coaching, and Addiction

Orientation and approach

Psychodynamic, CBT, Solution-Focused Psychotherapy

Personal Statement

Establishing a trusting, genuine and therapeutic relationship with my clients is of key importance to me as a psychologist. This allows one to work through difficulties in a safe space where a sense of emotional wellbeing can be optimised and attained.

Contact: 082 573 1428

Jayleen Davies

MA Couns Psych (UJ)

I work with children, adolescents, adults and couples within a range of psychological, emotional and behavioural difficulties. My areas of interest include:

Adolescent well-being, Addiction (substance, sex, technology), Adjustment (e.g. divorce, death, life changes) Anger management, Anxiety, Bereavement / Grief, Career guidance, Childhood trauma and abuse Depression, Personal growth, Premarital counselling, Psychosomatic pain / illness, Relationship difficulties Trauma, Self Esteem, Sexual concerns, and Stress.


I also provide psychological testing in terms of cognitive and emotional functioning as well as career assessment.

Contact: 078 218 7638

Dr Lynne Ferrer

MA Counselling Psych PhD (UZ)

I employ an eclectic approach and cater for young adults, adults, individuals and couples. My areas of interest include interventions for depression, anxiety, relationship crisis, trauma and bereavement.

Contact: 011 442 2770

Lauren Fitchet-Hall

MA Counselling Psychology (Wits)

PR No: 0658995

In my practice I love working with family. Whether a nuclear, divorced or complex system, I am passionate about helping each member find their voice in their system and their world.


I often work with matters related to identity, adjustment through times of change, and crisis resolution. I work with school-going children, adolescents and adults, either individually or as part of a unit (such as parental guidance, family or couple’s counseling).

​Available late afternoon, early evenings and Saturday

Contact: 082 353 4308


Bianca Hansen-Hamburger

Counselling Psychologist

My practice is in general counselling psychology. My special interests lie in parent-infant psychotherapy, child sexual abuse, addiction and substance abuse , and issues arising in infertility. 

Phone: 071 488 7080

Victoria Fitchet-Hall

MA (Counselling Psychology) (Wits)

Practice No.: 0398195

Respect:  This is the underlying value that guides all my therapeutic practice. 

Whether debriefing a traumatised 7 year old, getting real with a recovering addict, sitting with a client in the midst of depression, or helping a bitter couple to remember what it means to be kind to each other; I am immensely respectful of the courage it takes to step towards a happier, healthier life, and expect that my clients respect the space we share when embarking on this journey.


Contact: 072 229 1302


Robbie Pearman

I am a Counselling Psychologist registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa. I enjoy working with teenagers and adults of all ages addressing current challenges using a Solution Focused Approach. Particular areas of specialty are Trauma, Anxiety, Sport and Exercise Psychology and Weight Loss. My approach to therapy tends to be short-term and therefore extended time commitments for therapy are uncommon.


Contact: 079 925 2658

Tasneem van de Biezen

BA (Hons) MA (Counselling Psychology) (Wits)


I currently work primarily in private practice whilst also consulting to the University of Witwatersrand as a sessional lecturer and supervisor. In my private practice my work is specifically geared at helping adolescent and adult clients through a number of difficulties - whether individually, in a couple or even a family. 


My belief is that the decision to enter therapy is courageous, yet sometimes difficult, and I aim to offer my clients a safe and supportive space so that they can allow themselves the time and patience needed to better understand themselves and their presenting concerns. My work in hospitals, community clinics and in the corporate sector has shown me the enormous value of self-insight and self- awareness and the positive impact that the development of these has in the various aspects of our lives. Our behaviour, thoughts and ways of relating, whilst well-intentioned, do not always lead to the desired outcome. I therefore offer therapy that aims to develop understanding of one's self so as to allow for deep, meaningful and enduring changes.

My areas of interest include: 

Life adjustments and transitions,

Couple’s marital and relationship difficulties,

Parental guidance,



Bereavement and Grief,

Chronic Pain Management,


Social pressures,

Personal growth and well-being,

Stress management and coping,

Managing relationships at work,

Professional development,

Executive coaching,

Supervision of student/intern psychologists and counsellors. 


Contact: 082 308 1824